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Why Study in Australia From Pakistan?

The world-class top-tier universities of Australia compel every student to study there. As they have the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney, they rank 8th when it comes to the best education system in the world.

From offering you the best colleges, and universities system, they have also got the top-notch faculty staff providing brilliant education. The demand for applying for an Australian student visa from Pakistan is pretty high, which is why many students don’t get the right chance on time.

But don’t worry, the updated best Australia education consultants of Paragon have your back.

Beyond Borders; Beyond Boundaries

Australia Study Visa from Pakistan

step in on your international journey with the Paragon Education Consultants in Pakistan. Australia offers you top-tier world universities that promise you a diverse learning culture, growth mindset, positive attitude, and the best education.

We understand that every student requires some specific guidelines while applying for an Australian study visa from Pakistan. For this, they need customized guidance too. So, give Paragon a shot, and let us do our job to its fullest!

Australia Study Visa from Pakistan

What are the Study Visa Requirements of Australia?

First of all, you should know your visa type. So, when we look at the Australia study visa information, the visa type you will have is “student visa”. In this section, we will highlight what points you should look for if you want to confirm your eligibility criteria for this visa:

  • You should showcase the proper and required banking statement to prove that you have sufficient money to live and stay in Australia during your educational tenure.
  • Besides this, you must have your offer letter from the required Australian university that says you are permissible to get an education from that university.
  • Having said that, proof of health insurance, and a fit medical certificate are also required.

What is the Australia Study Visa Fee From Pakistan?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia made it easier for international students when it comes to student visas. It must be your surprise that they completely removed the work restrictions in January 2022, but then they further reversed these restrictions on June 30, 2023. 

What You Must Know?

So, starting from July 1, 2023, students will be allowed to work, but they can only work up to 48 hours every two weeks. In this way, students can concentrate on their studies while still having some work opportunities.

  • The application fee for Australia is around 630 AUD for subclass 500.

Australia Universities

Some Significant

International Student Facts That You Must Know!

  • Without a doubt, Australia offers a superb education system, and it provides world-class learning. The real focus is on nurturing the mindsets and making them capable of handling future generations with grace.
  • According to QS World University Rankings of 2023, seven Australian universities rank among the top 100 globally.
  • The students who have studied in Australia are highly content, as they have 90% reporting of higher education. (Department of Education International Student Survey).
  • Australia covers a vast land area (7.7 million square kilometres) with a reasonable cost of living.
  • When it comes to the Nobel Prizes, Australian universities have produced 16 Nobel laureates. It showcases the best academic excellence.


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