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Established in 2009, DH Consultancy is regarded as one of the best education consultants in Lahore, Pakistan.


DH Consultancy

Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd.

Established in December 2009, DH Consultancy is one of the fastest-growing education consultants in Lahore, Pakistan.

To guarantee a bright future for our pupils, we offer the highest caliber of education consulting services. Our rates are fair and simply within reach for our services.

Our highly qualified and competent staff is committed to making your move to a foreign nation easier and assisting you in locating a reputable institution for postsecondary and professional training.

DH Consultancy aims to empower all students with a shared vision to change the pattern of education and the world of learning for a better future.

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Our Objectives

“At DH Consultant, our consultancy objective is to offer first-rate training counseling administrations while treating our understudies as clients, yet as energetic youthful grown-ups. Our main goal is focused on offering extensive help for understudies seeking advanced education abroad, guaranteeing they have satisfying encounters.

This is the way we accomplish our main goal:

1:- Intensive Direction: We give fastidious direction to guarantee smooth concentrate abroad encounters for our understudies.

2:- Individualized Help: Offering custom-made help, we furnish understudies with the devices they need to seek after their optimal review areas.

3:- Objective Data: We offer goal and clear data, engaging understudies to arrive at informed conclusions about their schooling ways.

4:- Worldwide Collusions: Developing solid unions with trustworthy universities around the world, we give an extensive variety of schooling options for our understudies.

5:-  Expert and Scholastic Help: We help understudies accomplish their expert and scholarly goals through abroad review, directing them constantly.


We are proudly operating in more than 20 cities. We offer updated student-oriented education consulting services that include one-to-one counseling, application procedures, interview preparation, and onboarding processes


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The great majority of students want to study abroad, but they face several challenges, including choosing a university, courses, and even an affordable location. To facilitate your transition to the real world and make this stage of your career as easy as possible, we begin our approach with free advice about international universities. Begin your complimentary consultation now, and our knowledgeable education consultants will get back to you after taking your educational journey.


Accommodate Students?

Study abroad consultants in Pakistan extend their services to students beyond the ordinary. From assisting with finding accommodation to aiding in job searches, our company is dedicated to supporting students at every step. We firmly believe that our students are the future of our nation, and as such, they deserve unparalleled service.

How do we help Students with their Admission?

We help students with their admissions by offering personalized guidance, assisting with university selection, aiding in application preparation, and navigating the admission process smoothly. We facilitate access to top-ranked universities worldwide and strive to make higher education more accessible by assisting students in securing partial scholarships. We also provide comprehensive support in preparing students for both university and visa interviews, ensuring they are well-equipped for success.

Why is Guidance Mandatory for Studying Abroad?

We help students with their admissions by offering personalized guidance, assisting with university selection, aiding in application preparation, and navigating the admission process smoothly. Recognizing that every student has a unique educational background, we prioritize providing full-fledged customized guidance. In our sessions, we delve into students’ dreams of studying abroad, discussing their preferred universities and courses. With the information gathered, we offer thorough guidance on each step of the process, ensuring students feel supported every step of the way.

Our Procedure

We handle the admissions process for students who meet the requirements to enter a prospective institution after the screening process.


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Following the offer letter you get admission to the university, Submit the fee and do