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Why Study in the Malaysia From Pakistan?

Malaysia is located between Singapore and Thailand along the equator, and it serves as a prime education hub in Southeast Asia. It has many public and private universities. That is why this approach makes it one of the most economical options for students. Studying in Malaysia offers high-quality education. Students can have foreign degree qualifications from reputable universities in Australia, the UK, and the US at a more economical rate compared to studying in those countries. The living costs are comparatively lower while ensuring a good quality of life. This is also the reason, many students want to have a Malaysia student visa from Pakistan. Moreover, this country has an overall peaceful environment, providing a sense of safety. The dedicated team of Paragon is well known as Malaysia education consultants in Pakistan. They ease the overall process from getting admission to going there. The process of applying for a student visa is very simple, we will go through the process, and the visa requirements in the sections below.

Malay Study Visa from Pakistan

Malaysia Study Visa from Pakistan

Malaysia does not only allow you to get the best education but also gives you a full-fledged development environment. The excellent infrastructure, political stability, multicultural environment, and diverse food options make it one of the most picked educational destinations for many students. If we say that this country is a leader in industrial growth and political studies, then we won’t be wrong. The education system in Malaysia has high standards. It offers a mix of public and private institutions and versatile skill centers. Aside from this, Malaysia stands as a prominent player in the education sector. Paragon Overseas Education makes the process of studying in Malaysia from Pakistan hassle-free and helps them out in each step.

Malaysia Study Visa from Pakistan

What are the Malaysia Study Visa Requirements?

Some boxes need to be checked before applying for a study visa especially if you want to study in Malaysia.

  • A copy of your passport with validity for at least 12 more months.
  • All previous visas were obtained.
  • The passport page indicates any amendments, extensions, name clarifications, or previous passport numbers.
  • The acceptance letter from your Malaysian educational institution.
  • Previous academic certificates and transcripts.
  • A medical certificate confirming your good health.
  • Evidence of English Language Proficiency.

What is the Malaysia Study Visa Fee From Pakistan?

The Malaysia study visa application fee from Pakistan may vary, and it depends upon the university you are applying to, and the program you are choosing.

Here we will highlight some of the updated fee structure for the students who want to study in Malaysia. 

Type of Malaysian University/College Student Visa Malaysia Fees 

Private Higher Institute
RM 1,060 – RM 1,560 

Private Institute
RM 810 – RM 1,060 

International Accredited Centers
RM 810 – RM 1,060 

Public Institute
RM 810 – RM 1,560 

Universities ​

From providing counselling sessions to interview preparation, our education consultants in Pakistan offer promised services. We, actually, act as a bridge between the student and the university he wants to study. As we see our students, the nation builders, that is why we give them the best of our services.

Some Significant

International Student Facts That You Must Know!

  • English is the second most majorly spoken language in Malaysia. Universities commonly use English as the primary communication language.
  • Malaysian citizens facilitate an easy lifestyle in urban areas by using the language.
  • The diverse culture in Malaysia helps students in obtaining a global perspective by working and living in such an environment.
  • Malaysia appreciates the values like hard work, resilience, and tolerance, ensuring an easy adaptation to various surroundings.
  • This country has been ranked as third as one of the most peaceful countries in the world by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) in the 2018 Global Peace Index.
  • Malaysia balances significant industrial development with a stable growth environment.


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