Frequently Ask Questions

Here, we’ve compiled some common questions along with their answers that often arise when preparing for education abroad.

The Point Based System (PBS)

What is it?

The process used to determine your eligibility to study in the UK is called PBS. You need to score a particular amount of points in two categories to be eligible. Get in touch with our counselors at any HS Consultants location for further details on PBS and its operation.

Person Analysis

dh consultancy is a very intelligent consulting firm. After just a year at Simon Fraser University in Canada, they served as my stepping stone and mentor in every way. Even so, they stay in touch and make an effort to help me, even if they are unable to provide me with a complete answer. I’m grateful for your cooperation. You are all wonderful. Five stars

We offer education consultancy, IELTS/TOEFL preparation courses, pre- and post-departure orientations and visa application guidance and assistance


Yes, Paragon Overseas Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd is an official representative in Pakistan of all foreign universities on the panel.

One can book an appointment with Paragon’s Counselor for admission by phone, WhatsApp and email.

You need to bring copies of all educational documents, a copy of your resume, 2 recommendation letters from teachers, a copy of your passport (if available else apply for one) and a personal statement of more than 500 words.

Yes, Paragon Overseas Education (Pvt.) Ltd assists in education after placement and visa issuance.

One needs to pay the consultancy fee at the time of applying.

Yes, one can get assistance in writing a personal statement from the counsellor.